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English fluency- Unit- 3A ( Amalkanti- GE )

Today Topic- English fluency- Unit- 3A ( BA.PROG/B.COM.PROG ) Semester 1/2

english fluency- unit- 3a- amalkanti- ge

What Amalkanti  is all about :-

  • Amalkanti is a poem written original in Bengali by Narendra Nath Chakrabarti but made available to all known Bengali but English knowing speakers in an English translation of the same by Sujit Mukherjee and Meenakshi Mukherjee. 
  • The poem deals with a very common situation in the lies of school going children who often discuss is what is one of them wants to be when grow up. 
  • The speaker tells us that Amalkanti often came late to school and was never good at studies is ask to do a simple things conjugate a verb he would get so confused that his classmates all friends sorry   for him.

Amalkanti’s desire different from the rest of his classmates :-

  • Amalkanti’s dream is a very an conventional one other boys in his class have the unusual conventional desires of becoming doctors teachers or lawyers . 
  • But Amalkanti’s wants to become none of these. He wants to become sunlight. he is different and he is special like other boys he desire is so deep that he constantly dreams about it and is not ready to compromise with it.

The kind of sunlight that   Amalkanti wanted to be :-

  • At first it does seems that Amalkanti’s desire is unrealistic as well as foolish because we know that no one can become sunlight are disbelieve however results from a purely literal interpretation of this unique desire.
  • He does achieve this desire party by getting engaged in the business of printing books. 
  • books to spread light in the metaphorical sense and also brighten up peoples world so in a sense Amal Kanti is able to achieve his dream of spreading light.

Amalkanti as a failure

  • In conventional terms AmalKanti is a failure because he has not been martially successful and is not making of future in fact he is confined to a low paying job. 
  • But in another sense he is a success because he has been to do what he most wanted to in life and that is to spread light.
  • If we look at his desire literally than we are missing the point that the poet is trying to make. Metaphorically AmalKanti is has been able to do what he most wanted to. 
  • Success does not always mean to be rich. It also means to be able to join a profession of your choice. To be able to do what you most wanted to.

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