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English fluency- Unit- 2 ( In the University- Introducing oneself- GE )

Today Topic- English fluency- Unit- 2 ( BA.PROG/B.COM.PROG ) Semester 1/2

english fluency- unit- 2- In the university- Introducing oneself ge

The basic protocol of introduction requires that :-

  • Younger people be introduced to older.
  • Men to women and
  • Junior to senior.

How to gain confidence in a conversation.

  • Keep your tone friendly and maintain eye contact.
  • Be mindful of the situation and choose your words carefully.
  • Speak slowly so that the other person can follow your words.
  • Pay attention to what the other person is saying and take an interesting them.
  • Do remember to say nice to have meet you, or I enjoyed talking  to you, after the conversation is over.

Q. What exactly is an interview?

  • An interview is a conversation where one person asks questions and the other person provide answers

What is a CV 

  • CV is short for the Latin phrase ‘curriculum vitae’, meaning course of life.
  • A CV is a two or three page long document that summarise your educational qualifications work experience and other achievements.
  • In our country the word resume is also used to describe such a document.

Difference between CV and resume:-

  • The only difference between them is that of length where as a resume is one or  at the most , two pages long a CV can be much longer because it includes more detailed information.

Tales of historical Delhi a walk through its many cities

  • This little book introduce us to reach history of Delhi will learn that many of the most well known monuments in the city work built by Mughal rulers Lal kot tuglakbaad and dinpanah are some of the cities built by them. 
  • Places every person in Delhi has heard about where ones centres of trade and learning. Chandni chowk was a world famous trading centre and Hauz khas Village was one the site for a world famous madrasa built by the learned Mughal ruler , Feroz Shah Tughlaq.
  • In this book it is interesting to read about the cursed City at fort tughlaqbad we are no one lives.
  • There are countless little facts about the city that are fun to read about.

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