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English fluency- Unit- 3B ( Bhimayana ( GE )

English fluency- Unit- 3B ( BA.PROG/B.COM.PROG ) Semester 1/2

english fluency- unit- 3b-bhimayana- ge

The train journey

Ambedkar returns from Columbia University in the year 1917 after completion of his education sponsored by the maharaja of Baroda. He boards a train from Bombay to Baroda with the intention of working for the maharaja. Who had made his education possible. The problem that Ambedkar is referring to is the deep seated believe that the touch of a Dalit either physical or of other things like food water etc. If a Dalit rebels against this believe he might and a Bing thrashed or worse lynched. 
Untouchability has however not been completely eradicated till date despite stringent loss against this practice. Atrocities against the Dalits continue......

Frame Narrative

The unnamed characters from the frame narrative re emerge at this point the female characters challenges the assertion that untouchability exist only in village”, and says that despite his education hand status Ambedkar could not find a shelter in a city like Baroda. 
she then talks about three siblings who were thrashed by the landlord as recently as 2008 in Delhi Mukherjee Nagar for being Dalits. news paper clipping of this incident in the Hindu And says section

Either and officer or an assistant are_ needed soon.
Neither the judge nor the lawyer have_ arrived at the court yet.
Either Abdul aur Hanif has_ stolen Zoya's watch.
Neither food nor water were_ to be found in the deserted village. 
Neither the president not the secretary were_ present at the meeting.

Fill in the blanks with the correct and forms of the world's given in brackets:-

A) Mr Anand now owns a house in Delhi he ___ it in 1989 (build)

B) This party__the election a second time. it first_the election 3 
     years ago (win)
C) Sheila__(buy) the novel a year ago but she__it yet. (Not read)

D) Mr Singh__(not see) our principal although the principal__the college last month.(join)

E) Mr Gupta__his first novel when he was only 21 ( publish).

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