English fluency- Unit- 1b ( in the domestic sphere 1a- Squiggle Gets Stuck- GE )

Today Topic- English fluency- Unit- 1B ( BA.PROG/B.COM.PROG ) Semester 1/2

english fluency- unit-1b- in the domestic sphere 1a- squiggle gets stuck- ge

This book is a story form and uses dialogues between squiggle, doodle dude and Oxford dictionary.  

What is doodle? 
Be activity of absent minded drawing is known as doodling 
For example :-
Often when you are bored or absent minded let say in a classroom mutant to make craft drawing which me not be of any importance.

The plot

  • Squiggle is a character is standing next to a huge pile of books android on top 
  • of this pile is the oxford dictionary.
  • This huge pile crashes on poor squiggle and soon she realises that she is no longer free and is stuck inside something.
  • Another character who is in a similar position is doodle dude and he has been there for quite some time. Doodle dude has a problem he cannot make correct sentence is and uses muddled sentence. 
  • After much difficulty squiggle learn from doodle dude that they are stuck 
  • inside oxford dictionary

Some general pointers for diary writing

  • Every entry that you make in the diary must have date time and location at the time of your writing.
  • You may begin your entry with the salutation dear diary .
  • It can be on any topic It is not essential to have a heading.
  • The tone and style are usually casual and informal.
  • You are free to use any language you are comfortable with .
  • It is not necessary to write everyday neither it is necessary to maintain continuity between entries.

Some important pointers for writing a good blog

  • Attractive interesting Headline. 
  • Subsections which clear headings.
  • Interesting topics .
  • Informative and engaging content .
  • Relevant internal and external link.
  • Relevant pictures images and videos.

Some popular types of blogs are :-

  • personal blog 
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  • food blogs 
  • news blogs 
  • review blogs

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