COMMUNICATION IN EVERYDAY LIFE ( Unit – 2 ) Reading skills || SEMESTER – 1



Q . Briefly explain the four reading techniques commonly used.

  • There are four main reading techniques which are used 
  • for specific situations :-

1- Scanning

2- Skimming

3- Intensive or close reading

4- Extensive reading

scanning :-  When one read and entire tax or document quickly while looking for specific information it is called scanning

Skimming :-  is speed reading for cursory overview for general information going through an entire newspaper quickly through the headlines is a example of scheming

Intensive :-  it is going into the minutest detail of a particular word, 

Phrase, line etc. intensive reading is very crucial for language learners as they pick up vocabulary focus on a structure and syntax world doing intensive reading

Extensive reading :-  is kind of a general reading for general information generally this technique is used for a pleasure reading like reading a novel for a  pleasure.

Q. What aspects should you pay attention to while analyzing a literary text?

1- grammatical meaning 

2- referential meaning 

3- connotational meaning 

4- socio culture meaning

Q. What are the few points to be kept in mind while attempting a comprehension exercise?

1- Read the passage quickly once to get a general idea of the theme.

2- Read the passage again slowly and carefully so to know the details. 

3- After reading the questions read the passage again.

4- Make sure that you understand the questions.

5- Make sure what you write is relevant.

1- Use your own words as far as possible. 

2- Keep to the facts given in the passage.

3- Answer incomplete sentences unless you are told not to do so.

4- Answer in the same tense as that of the questions.

5- After written your answer you should always refer back to the  question and check whether your answer is relevant and complete in all respects.

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