Langston Hughes 

Langston Hughes Was An American Poet A Novelist And Social Activist
He Was Born In 1902 And Passed Away In 1967.
He Was A Staunch Opponent Of Racial Discrimination 
Against Black People Living In America.

Harlem ( Summary )

Harlem Is A Residential Area Of New York City USA.
The Dream Deferred Of The Black Man And Black Race  
To Differ Is To Postpone To Put Off For A Future Time So 
For The Blacks It Is A Truly Long Wait For What They 
Desire the Theme Of The Dream Deferred Finds Its 
Fullest Expression In His Social Poetry
This Is An 11-line Poem In Which Harlem Is The Name 
Of A Place Where Black People Live. This Poem States 
That It Is An Impossible Thing For Black People To 
Dream Or Fulfill A Dream Because There Is Political 
Pressure On Black People To Racially Discriminate.
Their Dark Complexion Has Become Such A Problem 
For them So That They  Postpone Their Dream In 
Future due To This  Their Normal Life Has Become